This Owl and Dog Have The Cutest Interspecies Friendship You'll Ever See


Prepare your heart for melting!

And you thought you and your BF were an odd pair! Ingo the German Shepherd and Poldi the owl couldn't be closer, and were totally fine with being photographed by collage artist and animal photographer Tanja Brandt.

This is certainly an unusual friendship, but neither Ingo nor Poldi seem like they're going anywhere! Take a look at their adorable BF photoshoot here:

1. Just chillin' together.

2. They also go on adventures together.

3. They're always side by side.

4. Even when it's time for bed.

5. What a handsome pair.

6. Their favorite pastime is meeting for coffee.

7. And they have each other's back!

8. They don't have much, but they have each other.

9. Too cute!

10. They also have their own book club, apparently.

11. Their slumber parties are ragers.

12. Bliss.

13. Never apart for a moment.

14. All year long.

15. We'll just leave this here.

16. They also get lit together.

17. And find happiness in each other.

18. Friendship goals!

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