These 22 Pictures Of Hot Guys With Kittens Will Make Your Day

Everybody stay calm.

Hot guys holding kittens is the new fad that was sent to earth from the heavens. A man is immediately more attractive when he's holding a kitten, and a kitten is immediately more adorable when its cuddling up to a guy with muscles. So it's a win-win situation for everybody!

Prepare to have your day made with these 22 pics of hot guys and their kitties.

1. Two kittens is always better than one.

2. Which is cuter?

3. Oh gosh!

4. It does make you smile, doesn't it?

5. Be still our beating hearts...

6. Cuteness overload.

7. Heaven in a picture.

8. This is life-changing.

9. Having these two around the house would be handy.

10. Tattoos and kittens...

11. Repeat: tattoos and kittens.

12. Those kitten feet are too much!

13. There is too much right with this picture.

14. Kittens and firemen? Totally fine.

15. This is enough to make your day.

16. The fatherly vibes are real.

17. Kittens and men and abs, oh my!

18. Fantasy coming to life...

19. Kitten kisses

20. Why have one kitten when you can have a bunch?

21. An eskimo kiss is definitely called for.

22. This isn't a kitten, but Jon Snow cuddling a cat>everything else.

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