Video: People Are Loving This Hilarious Low-Budget Shelter Commercial

Prepare to laugh and melt at the same time.

Atlanta-based animal and rescue center Furkids has come up with a commercial that's got tongues (and tails!) wagging all over the world.

Furkids Spokesperson Samantha Shelton said that the overall goal was to inspire people to support, visit, volunteer at and adopt from their local animal shelters.

Though the team only shot the video in 30 minutes, edited it in 60 and were limited to a budget of not much more than canned cat food for the animals being filmed, the commercial has been a success.

Starring in the commercial as lovable and hilarious salesman is Paul Preston. Paul is a brother of a dedicated volunteer to the shelter, and his talents turned the whole thing into perfection.

One of the best parts of the video is Paul's adorable interactions with all the four-legged actors. It really tugs at your heart strings!

But of course, he turns up the comedic factor too. It's one joke after another, including a spoof of Sarah McLachlan in her SPCA commercials. Paul begins singing an acoustic version of "In the Arms of an Angel", before totally forgetting the lyrics.

The video also parodies standard used-car commercials. We all know that those wouldn't be complete without the inflatable waving men!

A job well done indeed!


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