Literally Just 29 Adorable Gifs Of Polar Bears

We all need to move to the arctic ASAP...

Polar bears have a reputation for being a little vicious, but that isn't true. Really, polar bears are just cuddly, playful (albeit gigantic) balls of fur, and we don't pay nearly as much attention to their cuteness as we should!

Do they sloth around the ice on their bellies? Yep! Do they frolic together, snuggle with their cubs and snooze soundly without a care in the world? You betcha! In honor of our fuzzy arctic friends, here are 29 polar bear gifs you need right now:

1. Polar bears know they have it going on.

2. The love is real.

3. Their heads are heavy too, apparently.


5. When dinner is ready...

6. Stick with your buddy!

7. The cuteness is too much.

8. Clumsiness is their thing.

9. When you can wake up without an alarm...

10. They just want to say hello.

11. Polar bear babies>human babies

12. It's important to get snug.

13. When your mom would catch you and your sibling running amok.

14. Leaving your cheat meal like...

15. Why walk when you can slide?

16. When you feel pretty...

17. No kids like bath time.

18. When you catch your sister wearing your dress...

19. Still thinking about all those yummy fish.

20. Hey there, little buddy!

21. When you can't get your outfit to sit right...

22. Can't get enough jumping.

23. Damn these cubs!

24. Sometimes you gotta make an entrance.

25. Trudging through your responsibilities like...

26. Did someone call my name?

27. Best buddies until forever!

28. Bless!

29. When someone plays with your hair...

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