Literally Just 29 Adorable Gifs Of Pandas

Ready for an overload of cuteness?

We'd all like a panda for a pet, and sadly, that will never happen for most of us. What we can do to ease our sadness is huddle around and gawk at these adorable panda gifs!

Feelings you're about to experience: extreme warmth, fuzziness, and an overwhelming amount of love!

1. When you have so much to do today...

2. He's not even worth it.

3. *yawns*

4. Have you ever seen such innocence?

5. Table for three, please.

6. There's nothing like a good stretch.

7. Adorable is an understatement.

8. When you see food...

9. Is it possible for something to be too cute?

10. When people argue in front of you...

11. That is what you call poise.

12. When you and your BF get back from a night out...

13. Is that a smile?

14. Life's too short for responsibilities.

15. There's one in every family.

16. A panda stampede is what dreams are made of.

17. Bless them!

18. Dream job: panda babysitter.

19. When you get home from work...

20. When nobody wants to play with you...

21. When you get a call from your boss...

22. This is how a heart breaks.

23. These pandas aren't messing around.

24. Clumsy and loves it.

25. Panda: breathing ball of fluff.

26. Mother-daughter goals.

27. When Mom isn't kidding...

28. Open the window and let some of the cuteness out.

29. And we're done.

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