Literally Just 29 Adorable Gifs Of Kittens

So this is why everybody wants to be a cat...

Is there any problem on earth that a kitten can't fix? Truly, nothing can warm the heart like a kitten curled in a ball, cuddling your hand and pouncing as though it's the size of a tiger.

Cat lovers rejoice and check out these 29 gifs that might just make you stop by the local animal shelter and pick one up (or seven).

1. Is there such a thing as overexposure to cuteness?

2. When nobody's listening to you...

3. When you just want some attention...

4. This is both hilarious and heartbreaking.

5. This is the cutest thing that ever existed.

6. When you can't get comfy...

7. Don't mess with Mama Cat.

8. So much to explore, so little time!

9. We could watch this all day.

10. What a little darling!

11. It's never easy being the odd one out.

12. This might break the new record for the cutest gif of all time.

13. Oh, wait.

14. It's impossible to choose which one is the cutest.

15. What's the matter, little fella?

16. When people underestimate how feisty you can be...

17. So cute that it kind of leaves you speechless.

18. When you don't want to be at work anymore...

19. Why walk when you can waddle?

20. And we've reached a new level of cuteness, yet again.

21. Cutie pie of the century.

22. This sleepy head.

23. Kitten bath.

24. It gets like that sometimes.

25. When they call your name...

26. It's like a Disney movie come to life!

27. How could you say no to that face?

28. Kittens: annoying and cute simultaneously.

29. Sometimes you need a love-hate relationship.

Sometimes you need a love-hate relationship.

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