VIDEO: Extremely Rare Pink Dolphin Is Captured On Camera Swimming In A Lake

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Pink dolphin spotted. This is not a drill.

A pink dolphin sounds like something straight out of Disney, but as it turns out, life has a few natural wonders of its own. Pinkie the dolphin is making waves (pardon the pun), and luckily for us, she's been caught doing her thing on camera!

2007 marked the first sighting of Pinkie, and she's recently been spotted in Louisiana's salty Lake Calcasieu. Even a regular dolphin would draw attention when found frolicking in a lake, but naturally, Pinkie caused quite the spectacle.

It's been established that she is a bottlenose dolphin, which are usually colored grey. That makes Pinkie extra-special! Some bottlenose dolphins have shades of pink on their bellies, but it's safe to say that Pinkie is entirely in her own lane.

So what's the deal with Pinkie's look? Scientists generally concur that she's affected by albinism, which can occur in any kind of animal. Technically speaking, this is caused by a lack of pigment, and is usually a problem for animals because it makes hiding from predators and hunting prey that much trickier.

Pinkie is showing no signs of defeat though, and Erik Rue, the captain of the charter boat who first discovered her, believes she is one healthy and happy dolphin. "[She's] a perfectly normal dolphin and does all the things the rest of them do," he said.

Even though there's a reasonable explanation for Pinkie's color, the richness of her pink still makes her different from other animals with albinism. This dolphin was just born to stand out!

Calling Pinkie a local celebrity would be a severe understatement—boat tours now operate on the lake to cater to the many people dying to spot her and take in her beauty. Unlike some celebrities though, Pinkie is said to be very friendly and a tad curious about the people coming to see her. She's even been known to come within five feet of the boat!

And what's more exciting than a pink dolphin? Why, a baby pink dolphin of course! Pinkie has recently been spotted mating in the lake with a male dolphin, so there could very well be a dolphin calf on the way.

We don't know for sure that it would be pink, but here's hoping!

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