27 Photos That Prove Baby Red Pandas Are The Cutest


Cute is an understatement.

Red pandas are seriously underrated when it comes to cuteness. These little guys are just bundles of fuzziness without a care in the world, and we can’t get enough!

Take a look at these 27 snaps of red panda cubs, and it’s going to be difficult, but try not to melt.

1. So small.

2. Small and curious.

3. Look at all that fuzz!

4. Perfection.

5. When somebody mentions chocolate...

6. Red panda paws!

7. Easily amused.

8. They have a thing for toys.

9. It's hard to spot this cub amongst all that fur!

10. Possibly the cutest thing that's ever existed.

11. Could their tails be any bushier?

12. Red panda cub cuddles!

13. Too precious.

14. Sibling goals.

15. Feeding a red panda cub would be blissful, to say the least.

16. Just a cub in a cup!

17. Can you have too much fluff in one picture?

18. Hello, baby!

19. Official cuteness overload.

20. So tiny.

21. When you've been eating too much and finally hop on the scales...

22. Dare you not to smile.

23. Look at this cutie pie.

24. Nawwwww.

25. Welcome to the world!

26. What's better than one red panda cub? Two.

27. And we're officially done.

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