21 Photos That Prove Dogs Are Angels


Dogs are angels, and they aren't even in disguise.

We know that a dog is man’s best friend already, but a little evidence never goes astray! Pooches are fiercely loyal, good for a cuddle or a play, and they provide the unconditional love that you can’t get anywhere else.

In short, they’re angels. Here’s proof:

1. Is there another way to describe these two?

2. Sent here from heaven.

3. Angel on earth.

4. Angel with accessories.

5. It doesn't take a lot to make this angel happy.

6. Angels because they follow you everywhere.

7. And because they put up with humans.

8. Little trooper angels!

9. Here's an angel about to take flight.

10. Fluffy angels.

11. This cutie pie doesn't even need a halo.

12. Angels because they put up with stuff like this.

13. They brighten your day with their presence.

14. Angels you can trust.

15. Angels that never leave your side.

16. Even when times are hard.

17. They're there when you need to smile.

18. And can help you with daily activities.

19. Nothing but love.

20. Well, love and cuddles.

21. Angels.

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