16 Heartwarming Photos That Prove We Don’t Deserve Cats


Cats: too good for this world.

Is there anything better than a cat? They’re proud and majestic while being cute and cuddly, affectionate while at the same time independent, and just basically have it all.

We knew this already, but here are 16 pics that remind us how wonderful cats are, and how we really don’t deserve their amazingness!

1. Just some kitties teaching us how to get along.

2. When this fur ball is the prettiest thing you've ever seen...

3. Couple goals.

4. Cats can be hipsters too.

5. Kittens yawning>humans yawning.

6. Why do they look better in clothes than we do?

7. Contemplating life...

8. Kitten + stuffed animal = perfection.

9. When dinner is served and you and your friends are starving...

10. Fluffy and talented.

11. Always there for their besties.

12. THIS.

13. This could be the cover of Vogue, just sayin'.

14. Twinning.

15. What a nice surprise to find in your jeans.

16. Look at that face!

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