14 Hilarious Pictures of Dogs Being Cats


Everybody wants to be a cat.

Though both amazing in their own way, it’s pretty clear that dogs and cats are different. But perhaps dog people and cat people no longer have to debate which is the better animal—these pooches have taken to acting like their cat friends, and the results are freaking hilarious!

Check out these 14 dogs who secretly want to be cats.

1. All cat owners recognize that boat pose.

2. Poking your head anywhere it will fit: standard cat move.

3. Casually defying the laws of physics.

4. If there's a box, a cat will find its way in. Period.

5. The standard butt-to-the-sky pose.

6. Addicted to perches like this.

7. And this.

8. There are two cats in this photo.

9. Just a mother cat protecting its kitten.

10. What is it with cats and boxes?

11. Nothing suss.

12. Cats will fit anywhere....

13. But how did this guy even get up there?

14. Life is a constant balancing game when you're a cat.

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