13 Signs That You're Completely And 100% OBSESSED With Your Pet

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Do you love your fur babies a little too much?

Has your love for your furry friend tiptoed into obsession territory? We all love our pets, but there are a few ways to tell if your animal buddy has become your obsession. You'd be surprised how many of these traits you're guilty of!

But to be honest, nobody's judging. Seriously, who isn't infatuated with their pet???

1. You Think About Your Buddy All Day Long


Your boss might think that puzzled look on your face is concentration, but really you're wondering if your little one is okay...

Are they hungry? Lonely? Are they thinking of me???

2. Your Camera Roll Is Filled With Them. Just Them.


Guilty as charged! Other people's camera rolls are probably filled with instagrammable brunches and palm trees, but we know what's in yours!

Included in your album are selfies you've forced your pets to pose for, Snapchat screenshots from times you've actually managed to put a filter on them, and videos of them doing super-adorable things like eating and sleeping...and well, pretty much just existing.

3. You Invested In A Wardrobe For Them


Yes, this kind of makes you like Paris Hilton, but don't worry. We all do it. Most pets have fur, so unless you're living in Alaska, getting doggy and kitty jackets is soooo unnecessary.

BUT WHO CARES?! They look so gorgeous in their little clothes that you could smoosh them! You also may or may not have purchased accessories like bowties and top hats for them to wear at formal events. Whatever.

4. You Have Weird Nicknames For Them


Standard nicknames might be the ultimate sign of love and affection, but weird nicknames show that you're obsessed.

Non-animal people don't get it though, so if anybody asks, tell them that King-Face Prince-Handsome is your child.

5. You Avoid Vacations For Them


The hallmark sign of addiction is when you're unable to live your life because you're too obsessed with something.

So if you've actually avoided going on a vacation because you don't want to leave your fur baby behind, it's highly likely that you're obsessed. Really, what's a long weekend at the beach compared to that distraught face when you pull the suitcase out?

6. You Couldn’t Date Somebody Who Doesn’t Like Them


LOL. You know things are serious between you and your pet when they come in between you and a significant other.

But all jokes aside, you could never date somebody who didn't like your pet. On what planet would that work? You two are a packaged deal!!

7. You Don’t Like Anybody Who Doesn’t Like Them. Period.


A pet obsession is also likely to destroy a few of your human relationships. You instantly dislike people who don't like your pet, because you know that your pet is the best thing in the world and anybody who disagrees with that must be loony.

The worst is when people who don't like them come over and request that your pet be taken outside… hahahaha trust me, somebody is going outside, but it sure ain't my baby!

8. They Rule The House And That’s Okay


Let's get real: your pet is the boss.

Yeah, yeah, you might think you're in charge, but your pet has you wrapped around their paw if any of the following are true: you let them in whenever they cry at the door, you feed them whenever they want, and you sleep awkwardly falling off your bed so they can sleep comfortably in the center. That pet is the real king of the house.

9. You Talk To Them


You might not expect them to reply, but that doesn't mean you're opposed to having a chat with your pet.

You might just ask them how they are and what they're doing, or you might even tell them that Susan was totally out of line today at lunch. Either way, you have some of the best chats of all time with your little furball.

10. You Know They’re Cuter Than All Other Pets


Like how parents believe their kid is the cutest, an obsessed pet owner just knows that their fluff ball is cuter than all the other fluff balls in the neighborhood.

It's a fact, not an opinion. Even when they're the exact same breed and size, no other pets even come close to your baby. Those other pet moms should honestly just stop trying.

11. You Bring Them Everywhere


Some places are appropriate for pets, and some places aren't. As an obsessed pet owner, you don't get this.

You'll bring your dog to outdoor cafes or to the park, but you'll also bring her to work, and the dentist, and the bank. Why should she have to stay home? She's trained!!! (Mostly).

12. You’re Jealous When Others Give Them Attention


You don't like people who don't like your pet, but that doesn't mean people can get all close with them and replace you.

If people feed your dog treats, you'll meet them with a smile, but inside you'll be swearing revenge. And Heaven help anybody who's thinking about scratching your cat behind the ears. That's your job.

13. And At The End Of The Day... They're Family


If you're obsessed with your pet, then you won't see them as a pet at all. They are your family!!

You celebrate their birthday like you celebrate your sister's, take them into account when making important decisions, and though they drive you crazy sometimes, you know your life would not be the same without them.

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