12 Things You Should Never Do In A Department Store Fitting Room


Are you guilty of any of these things?

Who would have thought that even fitting rooms require a little bit of etiquette?

Check out these 12 things that you should avoid doing in the fitting room, unless you want to be met with some annoyed stares!

1. Enter right before closing time


This really applies to any store, but doing it in a fitting room is like a double crime! Basically, it's inconsiderate to keep the store from closing on time. Workers might have to put away the clothes you don't end up buying, and you're just making everybody's day longer and harder by doing this. Save the fitting room for when you have enough time!

2. Sneak in extra clothes


Trying to sneak in more clothes than is allowed isn't a good idea. It's just going to be one awkward conversation with the fitting room attendant if you get caught! These rules are in place for a reason, so be a good sport.

3. Bring Bae in with you


It's understandable that you want to bring somebody in to the fitting room who can give you an honest (yet gentle!) opinion. However, if you're dating somebody of the opposite sex, don't bring them into the fitting room for your gender. It might make others trying on clothes uncomfortable, especially if they're half-naked while poking their heads out the door!

4. Be sweaty


In the interest of being a decent person, avoid trying on clothes when you're sweaty. Remember, that top is more than likely going to end up as part of somebody else's wardrobe, and it's just more fair to them if there isn't perspiration all over their new clothes!

5. Get tan on the clothes


By the same token, try not to leave tan on clothes. Or makeup. This one is hard since a lot of us shop with makeup or tan on, but if it does happen, at least tell the fitting room attendant so it doesn't become another customer's problem!

6. Go commando


Always, always, always make sure you have underwear on when trying on clothes! This should be a given, especially with bathing suits and pants. You don't want to spread anything, or catch anything.

7. Ruin the clothes


It might sound easy to make it out of the fitting room without destroying the garments, but you'd be surprised how little force it takes to yank buttons right out, get zippers stuck and tear fine material. Take care with the clothes, and if you rip something, tell the attendant about it.

8. Have a personal conversation


This one is for your benefit, and that of the people around you. The last thing you want to be doing while waiting in a fitting room is have your thoughts overpowered by a stranger's loud conversation. But more importantly, in case you missed that ep of Friends, fitting rooms are small spaces, and you never know who's in the next booth!

9. Walk around almost naked


It's super annoying when you're alone in a fitting room and you need another size. But rather than prance out in just your undies, ask for some help or get dressed before going out. It saves an awkward situation!

10. Spend longer than you need to


Especially in busy fitting rooms with long lines, try not to spend longer than you need to inside. You can easily speed up the process by counting your garments before you go in, and only using the room for trying on clothes—not fixing makeup or making phone calls!

11. Take selfies in clothes you won’t be buying


For one thing, trying to capture the perfect selfie in a fitting room is time-consuming, and inconsiderate when you remember that there are people waiting for the space. But taking photos in clothes you don't own, and trying to pass them off as yours, isn't the best look.

12. Leave the room a mess


Finally, make sure you leave the fitting room in the state you found it in! That means unfolding clothes, putting them on hangers, and giving them to the attendant. It also means not leaving rubbish behind, and having the same respect for public spaces as you usually do!

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