Only a True K-Pop Fan Would Know the Meaning of These Words. Do You?

Calling all K-Pop fans!

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 Jun 21, 2018
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Question: 1/18What does this term mean?

Super cuteness
Being in a relationship
Being single

Question: 2/18What does this term mean?

Sasaeng fan
A fan at a concert
A fan who is super obsessed
A fan who is shy

Question: 3/18What does this term mean?

A younger student
A teacher
A senior

Question: 4/18What does this term mean?

When a song was written by all members of a band
When a song or album takes the top spot of all 8 Korean music charts
When a YouTube video has no dislikes

Question: 5/18What does this term mean?

Eye smiles
When someone smiles only with their lips
When eyes turn into crescents, looking like smiles
When someone's smile is obviously fake

Question: 6/18What does this term mean?

An award that is an honor to receive
The song that goes with a routine
The routine that goes with a song

Question: 7/18What does this term mean?

K-pop fans online
All fans online
Fans of k-pop

Question: 8/18What does this term mean?

A song written for a Korean drama
A song that goes to number one
A song not written by the band members

Question: 9/18What does this term mean?

A fan's favorite member in the band
A fan's favorite song on an album
A fan's home country

Question: 10/18What does this term mean?

A fan who unites with others against a k-pop idol
A fan who supports a k-pop idol
A fan who only likes old k-pop music

Question: 11/18What does this term mean?

An attractive Korean guy who dresses well
A Korean guy who won't work hard
A Korean guy who doesn't know how to dress

Question: 12/18What does this term mean?

Honey thighs
Thighs that aren't covered in pantyhose or pants
Thighs that are skinny and don't touch
Thighs that are shapely and touch

Question: 13/18What does this term mean?

Refers to the korean subway system
Refers to the line on a muscular man's back
Refers to the torso of men who have six-pack abs

Question: 14/18What does this term mean?

The manager of a k-pop group
The oldest member of a k-pop group
The youngest member of a k-pop group

Question: 15/18What does this term mean?

Oh my god
Laugh out loud
By the way

Question: 16/18What does this term mean?

A manly man
A man who dyes his hair for his band
A feminine man

Question: 17/18What does this term mean?

Pay check

Question: 18/18What does this term mean?

Knowing all the lyrics to a k-pop song
Showing support for any kind of relationship
Knowing all the dance moves to any k-pop song | Quiz Facts

The K-pop phenomenon is taking the world by storm, and as it garners more and more fans in the west, the terms used within the K-pop are becoming more commonplace. K-pop refers to Korean pop or Korean pop music, and often includes all genres of music that is popular in South Korea. Nowadays, the term is most commonly used to refer to a relatively new form of South Korean pop music which is inspired by many different genres from Asia and around the world. Some of the styles that have inspired and influenced K-pop include Western pop, jazz, gospel, folk, country, latin experimental, rock, hip hop, classical, reggae and electronic dance. K-pop was modernized back in 1992 with the group Seo Taiji and Boys, who formed that year. The artists of the K-pop world are frequently referred to as idols by their fans, and usually have a leader who happens to be the most experienced or eldest. This person is also usually responsible for speaking on behalf of the group in interviews. In most cases, each member of a K-pop group has a specific role to play, which varies between singing, dancing and rapping, and can feature a combination of the three. The most popular or famous member of the group is sometimes known as the face, but this can change. To find out whether you’re a true fan of K-pop, take this quiz and choose the correct definitions for a range of typical K-pop words in English and Korean!