Quiz: Only 1 In 50 Americans Will Be Able To Pass This JFK Quiz. Can You?

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Can you make Jack proud?

See how much of a JFK fan you really are by taking this quiz and answering questions about the life and presidency of John F. Kennedy.

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John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline on May 29, 1917 to Joe and Rose Kennedy. He was the second of nine children, and his parents came from two of the country's wealthiest families. While JFK led a life of privilege as a child and teenager, he was diagnosed with many early health problems. JFK joined the US Navy in 1941 and on a mission to the South Pacific in 1943, a Japanese destroyer struck his craft in the Solomon Islands. JFK was responsible for helping some of his marooned crew to safety and was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for heroism. He lost his older brother Joe Jr. in 1944 when his Navy aircraft exploded, and was then asked by his father to pursue his brother's destiny of becoming the President of the United States. To find out how much you know about JFK and his presidency, just take this quiz! Some of the questions include "How old was John F. Kennedy when he was elected as President?", "During what decade did JFK serve as President?", "JFK had how many children in his lifetime?", "What university did JFK study at (other than Princeton)?", "JFK's family originally came from which European country?", "JFK served in the army in WWII. True or false?", "Before getting into politics, what did JFK aspire to be?", "How was JFK known in his younger years?", "JFK came from one of the country's wealthiest families. True or false?" and "What did JFK outline as one of his main goals as the new President?".

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