You'll Only Pass This Italian Quiz If You Bleed Green, White and Red

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Think you're Italian? Take this quiz and make your Nonna proud!

Prove that you're as Italian as you think you are with this exciting quiz! Just answer questions about Italian culture to pass!

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Italians are very proud people, and many know everything there is to know about their culture. To prove that you can make Italy proud, take this quiz on Italian culture! You'll pass if you can answer questions like "How many regions are there in Italy?", "When does the legendary La Befana visit Italian children?", "Which Italian actor starred in the World War Two movie "La Vita é Bella"?", "What does the Italian dessert "Tiramisu" translate to in English?", "In which Italian region is the capital city of Rome located?", "Spaghetti that is made "aglio e olio" has what two ingredients in it?", "The Italian number "tredici" translates to what number in English?", "The majority of the Italian population belongs to the Roman Catholic Church. True or false?", "In what Italian city would you be able to visit Michelangelo's David?", "The Italian cured meats of salami, prosciutto and mortadella come from which animal?", "Which of these is the Italian word for grandmother?", "How much milk is put into a traditional espresso coffee?", ""Zucchero" is the Italian word for which ingredient that exists in almost every household?", "Which of these is without competition the most popular sport in Italy?", "Which animal is referred to as "il gatto" in Italian?", "Basil is the primary ingredient in pesto sauce. True or false?", "What is Dante Alighieri most famous for?", "In which small Italian city was Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet" set?", "Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?" and "The legend of Romulus, who founded Rome, and his brother Remus, says that they were raised by what animal?".

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