Quiz: How Much Do You Actually Know About Nutrition? 89% Of Americans Fail

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Can you keep yourself healthy?

Take this quiz to find out how much you really know about keeping yourself healthy by answering questions about nutrition and diet.

 Jun 23, 2018
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Nutrition is something everyone should know about in order to keep themselves healthy, but with so many myths out there, people can understandably get confused! To test yourself on how well you really know nutrition, take this challenging quiz! Answer questions like “Which is better for you: straight foods or processed foods?”, “What is the best way for a person to get all the vitamins they need?”, “Where do herbal supplements come from?”, “Which of these ingredients are many juices filled with, unbeknown to their drinkers?”, “Foods that claim to be natural are always the healthiest option. True or false?”, “Which of these does fat NOT do in the body?”, “Choose the fat which is the healthiest for the body”, “When nutritionists say "real food", what are they usually referring to?”, “Is white bread an example of refined carbs or unrefined carbs?”, “Why should athletes regularly consume protein to stay healthy?”, “Over time, what can be the result of ingesting too much sodium in the diet?”, “Which of these functions does water NOT carry out in the human body?”, “Which of these chronic conditions has red meat NOT been linked to?”, “What is one of the main consequences of depriving yourself of your favorite foods?”, “Foods that are labelled "fat-free" are always healthy. True or false?”, “Apples, barley, oatmeal and beans contains what cholesterol-reducing substance?”, “Which disease is brought on as a result of eating too much sugar for a prolonged period?” and “A celiac is a person who can't consume foods with what?” to pass!