History Quiz: Most People Can't Remember Who Did These 20 Things. Can You?

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Can you make your history teacher proud?

See how well you really remember history by choosing the correct historical figure based on the significant act they did in their lives.

 Feb 07, 2018

1 of 20Who did this?

Was burnt at the stake in my native France after being declared a heretic
Joan of Arc
Marie Antoinette
Napoleon Bonaparte

2 of 20Who did this?

Painted the Mona Lisa and other works
Leonardo da Vinci
Claude Monet

3 of 20Who did this?

Started World War II and was responsible for the Holocaust
Adolf Hitler
Franklin D. Roosevelt
John F. Kennedy

4 of 20Who did this?

Wrote the "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey"
William Shakespeare

5 of 20Who did this?

Conquered England in 1066
Adolf Hitler
Alfred the Great
William the Conqueror

6 of 20Who did this?

Chronicled my experience hiding from the Nazis in a diary
Josef Stalin
Winston Churchill
Anne Frank

7 of 20Who did this?

Had my head cut off during the French Revolution
Marie Antoinette
Benito Mussolini
Christopher Columbus

8 of 20Who did this?

Built and flew the first successful airplane
The Orville Brothers
The Warner Brothers
The Wright Brothers

9 of 20Who did this?

Became Emperor of Rome but was assassinated on the Ides of March
Julius Caesar

10 of 20Who did this?

Established trade routes between China and my native Europe
Sir Walter Raleigh
Marco Polo
Galileo Gallilei

11 of 20Who did this?

Wrote The Communist Manifesto and believed in the power of communist economies
Neil Armstrong
Josef Stalin
Karl Marx

12 of 20Who did this?

Composed many pieces of music and became widely regarded as a musical genius
Charlie Chaplin
Charles Darwin

13 of 20Who did this?

Elected the first President of the United States
Abraham Lincoln
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington

14 of 20Who did this?

Made breakthrough discoveries in physics, with my laws of motion and gravity
Marie Curie
Thomas Edison
Sir Isaac Newton

15 of 20Who did this?

Sparked off the Protestant Reformation
Martin Luther
Malcolm X
Joe Lewis

16 of 20Who did this?

Ruled over Egypt and had relationships with Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony while defending the country
Anne Boleyn
Catherine the Great

17 of 20Who did this?

Helped on the Lewis and Clark expedition with my native knowledge
Paul Revere

18 of 20Who did this?

Became a nun and left my native Albania to serve the poor in India
St. Mary
Mother Teresa
St. Bernadette

19 of 20Who did this?

Married Prince Charles in 1981 and was tragically killed in a car accident
Princess Anne
Princess Margaret
Princess Diana

20 of 20Who did this?

I was the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States
Nancy Reagan
Margaret Thatcher
Sandra Day O'Connor
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