Quiz: If You Can Fix These 22 Grammar Mistakes, Your IQ Is 150+

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Calling all grammarians!

Find out how much you really know about grammar by taking this quiz and fixing the grammar mistakes you come across.

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The level of a person's grammar can have a lot to do with how smart or educated they are. To find out if you can pass this quiz, all you have to do is choose the correction that best fits the incorrect sentence. Some of the incorrect sentences you will find in the quiz are "I love you to.", "The dog's are walking with their owners.", "My favorite decade was definitely the 1980's.", "Your missing several key ingredients in this cake.", "Their is going to be a huge riot if the police don't arrive soon.", "Neither one of us are perfect, but we still love each other.", "She was binded to the contract, even though she didn't agree with the terms.", "Being from London, red buses were an everyday part of his life.", "My clothes is too big on me now that I've lost weight.", "We shouldn't of trusted the man in the leather jacket at the mall.", "Whom is speaking on the phone?", "There are so many status' on Facebook that make me angry.", "You not as intelligent as you think you are.", "We hanged the picture on the wall next to the door.", "They're true colors will show after they spend a week on vacation together.", "There is so many new artists at this music festival.", "The amount of visitors were truly inspirational.", "The boys snuck home late that night. Then waited for the consequences.", "While walking on the sidewalk, Mary found a sparkly girl's bracelet.", "Reluctantly, he excepted her offer to drive him home.", "He doesn't have no credentials to his name." and "Cake is better then ice cream, in our opinion."

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