Quiz: Pick Some Disney Villains & We'll Reveal Your Wicked Personalty Trait

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Are you more like Maleficent or Ursula? Find out now!

Pick the Disney villains in this accurate personality quiz and we will tell you what your most villainous personality trait is!

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While many grew up despising the villains in our favorite Disney stories, they still often have a small yet special place in our hearts. Though they do some pretty terrible things to the Disney heroes and princesses, there's still something about them that we love. One of the most popular Disney villains of all time is Maleficent, who even got her own live-action story told around half a century after she first appeared in "Sleeping Beauty". Anybody who's been excluded from a social group or missed out on an invite to a party can empathize with Maleficent at least a little bit, since she wouldn't have turned so angry if they'd just invited her to Aurora's christening. Another Disney villain who's almost as popular as their hero counterpart is Captain Hook, the poor pirate who has a vendetta against Peter Pan. In his defense, Peter did cut off his hand and throw it to the Crocodile, so it's easy to see why he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. One villain who a lot of people just can't warm to is Scar from "The Lion King", since his actions had permanent devastating effects on Pride Rock and the lives of all the lions around him when he killed his brother Mufasa, and then completely screwed up the running of his kingdom. To find out which Disney villain you share the most in common with, and which villainous quality stands out the most in you, take this fun and simple personality quiz now!

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