Quiz: Only A Devout Catholic Could Spot These 18 Bible Mistakes. Can You?

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Was it Jesus who parted the Red Sea, or Moses?

Answer the challenging questions in this bible quiz to find out whether you're as devout a Catholic as you think you are.

 Jul 09, 2018
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Knowing the ins and outs of the bible is one of the most important parts of being a Christian, as it teaches many lessons and sets out many guidelines that Christians should follow. To find out if you know the bible as well as you should, why not take this fun quiz? Simply read the biblical facts stated and decide whether they are real or a mistake! You'll come across facts such as "Moses parted the Red Sea while leading the Israelites out of Egypt", "Jesus used five loaves of bread and two fish to feed 5,000 people", "Goliath defeated David using only a stone and a sling, and became king", "King Solomon was famous throughout the land for his impressive wisdom", "Judas told Jesus that James betrayed him to the Romans before his death", "Adam ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, getting himself and Eve kicked out", "Jesus came into Jerusalem on a Sunday riding a donkey while people waved palms at him", "Jesus was put to death on a Friday after being sentenced by Pontius Pilate", "Jonah was swallowed by a whale while on his way to preach to the people of Nineveh", "Noah put four of every animal onto an ark when God flooded the world in anger", "After one week of being dead, Jesus rose to life on Easter Sunday", "Moses passed down the Commandments of God to the Israelites" and "Jesus famously walked on water in the Sea of Galilee". Take the quiz now, or visit women.com for more religious quizzes!

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