Quiz: We Can Guess Your Level Of Education By The Countries You Can Name

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Can you recognize the foreign country from just one picture? Give it a try!

Match up the pictures with the correct names in this foreign country quiz to find out what your education level seems to be!

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Learning about the various countries and cultures of the world starts in childhood and continues throughout life. In elementary school, students begin learning about certain foreign countries, perhaps specializing in a few, and this carries onto high school and college. Even if students don't know a lot about a particular foreign country, they can still learn to identify certain countries when they see them. The beauty of learning about foreign countries is that it brings an awareness of foreign cultures too. This creates space to bridge the gap between differences in humanity and hopefully reduce discrimination and ethnocentric thinking. There are a bunch of positive sides to learning about foreign countries and cultures, including learning about new languages which can help students to understand English better. Food is linked with culture, and by learning about culture, students are also introduced to new foods which might just become their favorites in time. If you're looking for a fun way to pass the time and take a minute out from your busy day, why not give our countries quiz a try? All you have to do to pass is look at the different pictures of many countries from around the world and identify them. That's it! You'll see countries from Africa, Europe, South America, Asia and Oceania in the quiz, which is simple but still challenging and exciting! The best part about the quiz is that at the end you get a score as to what level of education you seem like you have based on your knowledge of foreign countries! Try it out now!

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