Quiz: Even A Child Could Pass This Basic Cooking Test. Can You?

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Do you know your way around a kitchen? Find out now!

Find out how much you really love cooking by taking this quiz and answering questions about ingredients and cooking practices.

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As fast food and pre-packaged meals are becoming the norm in our busy society, more and more people have forgotten the simple basics of cooking. And more importantly, the younger generation aren't even learning basic cooking skills in the first place. But being able to cook (not like a chef, but to a reasonable standard) is important for maintaining health and cutting costs, since it can be pretty expensive to constantly rely on eating out or ordering out. To find out where your cooking skills and knowledge stand against those of other Americans, take our fun cooking quiz now and answer questions not only on cooking practices, but also on the origins and properties of certain ingredients. Some of the questions that you'll come across in this quiz include "What should be removed from chillies to reduce the heat?", "A knife never has to be sharpened. True or false?", "Where must garlic be kept?", "Honey will never spoil. True or false?", "Honey will never spoil. True or false?", "Where is orange or lemon rind taken from?", "What part of the onion must be cut off to avoid tears?", "Which of these is commonly used to seal pastry before going in the oven?", "What temperature should meat be before it is cooked?", "What should be added to a poached egg to keep the yolk from breaking?", "Which of these terms refers to firm pasta?" and "Lemon juice can be added to cooking butter to keep it from browning. True or false?".

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