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What are the hills alive with?

Find out whether you're as big a fan of The Sound of Music as you think you are by answering all the questions in this quiz.

 Mar 24, 2018
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Where is Maria studying to become a nun?
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Which of these does NOT concern the nuns about Maria?
Her free spirit
Her kindness
Her love of music
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Why does the Mother Abbess send Maria to live with the von Trapps?
She forgets too many prayers to be a nun
The other nuns want her kicked out
She believes she'll be happier there
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What is Captain von Trapp's first name?
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Why is the Captain raising his children alone?
His wife passed away
HIs wife is in prison
His wife left him
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What is the eldest von Trapp child's name?
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How do the von Trapps first respond to Maria?
They misbehave
They obey her
They tell her they miss their mother
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Maria protects Leisl from being caught sneaking out. Who did she sneak out to see?
A Nazi soldier
A British soldier
The delivery boy
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While Maria first teaches the children to sing, where is their father?
On a trip to Berlin
On a trip to Vienna
On a trip to London
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What is the first name of the Baroness Captain von Trapp brings back to the villa?
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Why does the Captain first order Maria back to the abbey?
She encourages him to get closer to them
She encourages them to pray too much
She is neglectful of them
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What changes his mind?
Their tears at hearing she is leaving
Hearing them sing for the Baroness
The Mother Abbess refusing to take her back
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Who suggests that the children sign at the Salzburg Festival?
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Why does the Captain object to this?
He doesn't want the children singing in public
He doesn't like that they can sing and wants them to stop
He doesn't think the children are good enough
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Who convinces Maria to return to the abbey after the grand party at the villa?
Captain von Trapp
The Baroness
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Why is Maria persuaded to go back to the Abbey?
The Captain is confused by his feelings for her
Max has feelings for her and wants to forget about them
The Baroness is jealous
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Why doesn't Maria end up staying at the Abbey?
The Mother Abbess convinces her to return and find herself
The other nuns don't want her to stay with them
Maria realises she can't stand it there
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When the children finally enter the Salzburg festival, where are Maria and the Captain?
Visiting Germany
At the abbey
On their honeymoon
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How does the family get around the brownshirts at their villa?
By fighting them
By putting on disguises
By telling them they're on their way to perform in the festival
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Where does the family hide after they slip out from the festival?
Back at the villa
The Abbey
The Captain's mother's house
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Why does Rolf let the family escape from the cemetery crypt?
He secretly doesn't want to be in the Hitler Youth
He sees Liesl and hesitates
He thinks he owes the family a favor
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Where do the von Trapp family finally escape to?
A ship bound for America
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