Astrologists Have Finally Figured Out What Your Alter-Ego Zodiac Sign Is

Fire, water, earth or wind?

Answer the questions in this personality-based quiz and we'll tell you what element of the zodiac you fall into--fire, water, earth or wind.

 Mar 13, 2018

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What food do you crave when you're sad?
Spicy food
Bread or potatoes
Ice cream

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What color resonates with you?

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If you could have a magic power, what would it be?
Breathing fire
Breathing under water

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Would you say you have a temper?
I can at times
No, I'm very calm

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What kind of weather relaxes you?
A gentle breeze

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Would you say you're a social person?
No, I prefer to keep to myself
Yes, I love talking to people!
I can be at times

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Pick a season!

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If you ever developed an addiction, what would it be to?

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On a scale of 1 - 10, how sensitive are you?

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Would you rather lie and spare someone's feelings or be honest?
It depends how much their feelings would be hurt
Always be honest

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Do you think of yourself as a leader?

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What is your biggest issue in romantic relationships?
Being controlling
Obsessing and clinging

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Do you often get jealous?

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Would you rather be n the spotlight or behind the scenes?
I like to experience both
Behind the scenes

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What's your life motto?
Live each day to the fullest
Think with your heart not your head
The key to life is balance
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