Quiz: DC or Marvel? Can You Match All These Movies Correctly?

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman preparing for war
Wonder Woman via Warner Bros. Pictures

The differences are subtle, but they're there!

Find out how much you really love comic book characters by taking this quiz and separating the DC movies from the Marvel movies. Can you ace it?

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Marvel and DC are at the top of the comic book industry when it comes to superheroes. They both have huge levels of media production, financial success, fandom dedication, and popularity. For decades, Marvel and DC have rivaled each other through a variety of ways. There are a few key differences between Marvel and DC that true fans can usually identify. It's widely said that in the beginning, DC began with heroes who had superhero abilities, such as Superman and Wonder Woman, whereas Marvel tried to start out with characters who evolved into superheroes through reasonable means, such as Spider-Man and the characters in Fantastic Four. As the years went on, Marvel also began producing characters who started off with huge supernatural abilities, such as Thor. One of the other major differences between Marvel and DC is that DC tends to opt for fictional locations for its heroes and characters. For example, Superman exists in Metropolis while Batman operates in Gotham City, and the Flash exists in Central City while the Green Lantern exists in Coast City. By contrast, Marvel tends to use real-life locations, or locations that very closely mirror real life, for many of its characters. For example, New York City serves as the primary location for characters like the Avengers, Fantastic Four, the Defenders, Spider-Man, the Punisher, and Moon Knight, as well as others. To find out how well you really know your Marvel movies from your DC movies, simply take this quiz and choose which movies are Marvel and which are DC.

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