Quiz: Only An English Major Can Ace This Advanced Grammar Test. Can You?

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Do you know the difference between your adverbs and your adjectives?

Take this exciting and challenging English grammar quiz to find out how well you really know your basic grammar rules. Can you ace this quiz?

 Jun 03, 2018
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With the rise of technology and word-processing tools, grammar has become less important than it once was. While a firm grasp of grammar was once needed to land a job in most fields, today there are apps that can do the hard work for you, and so it's less of a priority for many people. Still, there are endless benefits to knowing and understanding correct grammar. Being a grammarian helps you to communicate your points more effectively, as well as to be taken more seriously and develop a more positive reputation. But that doesn't mean it's easy. A lot of people struggle with basic grammatical concepts, and it's easy to make mistakes. The first step to improving your grammar skills is to know exactly where you stand! Start by taking this challenging grammar quiz and finding out what level your grammar skills are at. Take the quiz now to see how you scrub up!

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