Quiz: What % Hypochondriac Are You?

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If you think you have a life threatening disease every time something on your body hurts, you should take this quiz.

If you think you have a life threatening disease every time something on your body hurts, you should take this quiz.

 Apr 27, 2016
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How often do you wash your hands a day?
10-15 times... germs are everywhere
Anytime I touch something in public
Whenever I use the restroom
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You're getting headaches lately. What do you think the cause is?
Probably dehydration
Caffeine withdrawals
I have brain cancer
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How do you feel about drinking tap water?
It depends where you are, but i'll drink it if purified isn't available
Water is water, I don't mind
Never do. Theres so many bad microorganisms!
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When in a public restroom, how do you open the door after using the bathroom?
With a paper towl, can't trust that everyone washes their hands!
It depends where I am and what the bathroom looks like
I pull the handle
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How often do you line a toilet seat with a seat cover or make your own out of TP?
All the time if it isn't my own bathroom
Only when I'm in a public restroom
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When you get a mosquito bite, what do you do?
Scratch it
Analyze it to see if it was a mosquito or spider bite
Obsess that I might have a disease now
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How often do you diagnose yourself using the internet?
Never, I wait it out!
All the time and I'm convinced I'm dying
Rarely, I just go to the doctor
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