Quiz: What % Bitch Are You?

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Take this quiz to see where you fall on the bitc* meter!

This is a quiz about how bitchy are you. What is your bitch percentage quiz. How big of a bitch are you quiz.

 Apr 21, 2016

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What do you do when someone you hate is invited out with you and your crew?
Ignore the effin sh** out of them
Try to be their friend, you might find some common ground
Serve that wench backhanded compliments all night

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When you're in the elevator and you hear someone walking down the hall, what do you do?
Count to 5 and if they still aren't there, F IT, *door close*
Repeatedly press "door close" button so fast you almost break your finger
Hold the door for them! The elevator takes forever

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A friend just told you a secret... who do you go and tell?
My roommate, BFF, sister, mom, the group chat, and my dog (or cat)
I take secrets to the grave!
Only someone who I know won't repeat it either...

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Do you ignore people because you can't stand them & don't want to included them in convo?
Lol yep, all the time
Ugh no! That is so rude!
Sometimes, but only because they're complaining

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How often do you talk shit about someone?
I rarely try to speak badly about someone
All the damn time
1-2 hours out of the day

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Do you look at someone and feel automatically annoyed by their face?
Lol all the time
Eh, sometimes. As long as I don't have to talk to them
Never! Only if it's someone I don't like

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You found out the most popular girl in your high school is in jail. What do you do?
Laugh and probably say something like, "That sucks"
Tell everyone, post the news to all social channels, and do a victory dance
Feel really bad for her, but can't help a little chuckle that comes out
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