Quiz: This Quiz Can Tell If You Were Raised By A Strong Mother

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Take this quiz so we can see if you had a strong mother growing up!

This is a quiz about strong mothers. Did you have a strong mother quiz. What kind of mother do you have quiz

 May 12, 2017
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Which word best describes your mom?
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When someone is/was being mean to you, what advice did she give?
"Stand up to them!"
"It only matters what you think about yourself."
"Their bullying reflects their own insecurities."
3 of 10Pick Your Answer!
Which best describes your mom's parenting technique?
Very strict but loving
Firm but affectionate
Fun but occasionally stern
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How would your mom behave towards your significant other?
Friendly but cautious
Welcoming and loving
Very welcoming but protective
5 of 10Pick Your Answer!
When you talked back to your mother, she...
gave you the silent treatment
would put you in time out
explained that if the behavior continues, you will be punished
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When it came to homework, your mom...
Rushed home from work to help you with homework when she could
Sat with you every night and helped you on all questions
Made dinner while you did homework and helped when it was needed
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It's Saturday, you and your mom would...
spend the day running errands
go on an adventure
shop for new clothes
8 of 10Pick Your Answer!
It's the holidays, your mom usually...
has the entire family over and cooks for everyone
has a crazy fun holiday party that everyone looks forward to every year
plans a charity service trip
9 of 10Pick Your Answer!
You are most likely to turn to your mom for advice on...
10 of 10Pick Your Answer!
If you could tell your mom one thing right now, what would it be?
Thank you for everything
I appreciate you more than you know
I love you
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