Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Know Las Vegas Slang?


Take this quiz to see how well you know your Vegas slang!

This is a quiz about Las Vegas Slang. How well do you know gambling lingo? How well do you know Vegas lingo?

 Jun 12, 2016
1 of 10What Does This Word Mean?
A fruity cocktail from the bar
When you win 86 dollars
Kicked out of a casino
2 of 10What Does This Word Mean?
A man who sits in a box and welcomes people into the casino
A craps dealer who sits over the drop box and supervises bets and payoffs
The bartender
3 of 10What Does This Word Mean?
Carpet joint
A resstaurant in a casino
A casino with carpet
A casino that caters to high rollers
4 of 10What Does This Word Mean?
Eye in the Sky
Surveillance looking over the entire casino, especially the poker tables
A chandelier hanging in the casino
A human eye in the sky
5 of 10What Does This Word Mean?
Someone who is new to gambling
Someone who works in a casino
a gill bearing creature
6 of 10What Does This Word Mean?
High roller
Someone who constantly rolls a 6
Someone who rolls the dice high
Someone with the reputation of winning large amounts of money in the casino
7 of 10What Does This Word Mean?
Marryin' Sam
The priest at a Las Vegas chapel
Someone who fakes getting married in Vegas
Sam, the bartender
8 of 10What Does This Word Mean?
Gratuity or tip
To drink
A type of winning
9 of 10What Does This Word Mean?
Millionaires who gamble and lose large amounts of money but don't care
Overweight men who gamble
Slow players in the Casino
10 of 10What Does This Word Mean?
Someone who is on drugs
Someone who gets a perfect set of cards
A gambler who is next up to roll the dice on the table
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