Quiz: How Well Do You Know Real Boston Slang?

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"You won't believe all the guap I'll be making this summer!"

This is a quiz about Northeast slang words from Boston and New York City. NYC slang. Boston slang. Slang word quiz.

 Mar 29, 2017
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What is a "wiffle"?
A short summer haircut for men
A type of coffee
An early morning swim
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"Dunks" is a nickname for...
A car wash
A really fancy pair of shoes
Dunkin' Donuts
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If you're making "guap" you are making...
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Take out the "barrel"!
Trash can
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"Thirsty" is an adjective meaning...
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If you "grill" someone, it means you are _____ them.
Staring at
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If you ask, "Is it cool if I snag a bogey from you?" what are you borrowing?
A booger
A piece of chocolate
A cigarette
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Instead of saying "very," you will definitely say...
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If you are making a U-turn, you _____.
Pop a 180
Bang a u-ey
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If you're throwing a "rippah" you are having a...
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Which of the following is a nickname a Bostonian would use for their city?
The Hub
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"Pissa" most directly means...
Piece of
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What is moxie?
A soft drink
A cute girl
A common name for a dog
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What is a "packie"?
Pack mule
Liquor Store
Pack of cigarettes
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Boo RedSox
Go RedSox!
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