10 Things You need to Do to not Feel ugly AF After A Long Night Out


Because we all know we don't want to look how we're feeling on the inside...

1. Drink lots of water. It's all about the preparation the night before to avoid feeling like this in the morning:


2. For the love of god ladies, TAKE YOUR MAKEUP OFF.


The last thing you want is to wake up looking like a sad clown painting.

3. Sleep in. Force yourself to get those precious, precious 8 hours of sleep we all desperately need. Or else...


No one likes you when you're cranky.

4. Bathe. Literally scrub away the past night's mistakes.


Trust us, you will feel like a new woman.

5. Feast.


you will feel replenished AF after a little late night snacking

6. This really should be mentioned first, but please brush your teeth.


Cause no one likes stanky breath, including you.

7. Prepare your coffee before you go out


Cause there is nothing better than having that fresh cup waiting for you right when you wake up

8. Here's a little secret... putting ice cubes to your eyes before you sleep reduces puffiness in the morning


A minute is all they need!

9. Right when you wake up, DRINK MORE WATER


Water will kick start your metabolism and you will wake up faster and feel more alert