Quiz: Can You Answer 22 Questions Every "White Christmas" Fan Should Know?


This movie is merry and bright!

Questions about the hit film from 1954 starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kayne, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen

 Dec 14, 2016
1 of 22What was Captain Bob Wallace before he was in the military?
A radio host
A nurse
A broadway entertainer
2 of 22Where do Phil and Bob meet Betty and Judy?
At a diner
A nightclub where the women are performing
At a bar where the men are performing
3 of 22What do Bob and Betty fight about when they first meet?
How Bob thinks Betty is the prettier sister
How Bob thinks everyone has an angle in show business
How Betty wants to give up her performing career
4 of 22Who owns the Columbia Inn?
Freckle-Faced Haynes, the dog-faced boy
General Waverly
5 of 22Why is the inn failing?
No one likes the owner
It is run-down
There's no snow
6 of 22What is the name of Bob and Phil's musical?
Playing Around
Horsing Around
7 of 22Ed Harrison is a ______________________.
Variety Show host
8 of 22Emma is a __________________.
Long-time guest
9 of 22Why does Betty get upset at Bob in Vermont?
Betty thinks Bob is seeing Emma
Betty thinks Bob is in love with Judy
Betty thinks Bob is using General Waverly for an advertisement
10 of 22Why does Judy pressure Phil into a phony engagement?
She thinks Phil is really in love with Betty
She thinks Betty won't take a relationship seriously until Judy is engaged
She thinks Betty wants to marry Phil and wants to make her jealous
11 of 22Betty leaves Vermont to ________________ in New York.
take care of a sick friend
see an ex-boyfriend
take a job offer
12 of 22What is the name of Betty's new act?
Love, You Didn't Do Right by Me
What Can You Do with a General
13 of 22What keeps Bob from finding out why Betty is upset?
The general tells him that he knows about the secret broadcast
Betty runs away
Ed Harrison calls him away
14 of 22Why does Phil fake an injury?
To distract the general from Bob's announcement
To make Judy pay attention to him
To get out of the Christmas Eve show
15 of 22What day are the veterans supposed to come to the inn to surprise Waverly?
Christmas Day
New Years Eve
Christmas Eve
16 of 22What is the name of the town in Vermont?
Snow Storm
Pine Tree
17 of 22What song do they sing for the on Christmas Eve General?
The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing
Count Your Blessings
The Old Man
18 of 22On Christmas Eve, General Waverly finds out _______________________.
his inn is booked for New Years
the inn received a $1000 donation from an anonymous donor
snow is falling
19 of 22When does Betty get back to Pine Tree?
Just in time for the Christmas Eve show
On Christmas Morning
She doesn't come back
20 of 22Who does Phil end up with?
21 of 22In the last scene, everyone ________________.
makes a toast
runs to play in the snow
cries as Bob proposes to Betty
22 of 22What is the last line?
May your days be merry and bright; and may all your Christmases be white
It's always you, Betty
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
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