"Release the TaTas”! Are Women Ready to Get Rid of Their Bras for Good?


Millennial Women share why their getting rid of their boob cages! Others share why they can't dare to part.

The wire poking, the lifting, the severing straps. When we women hear these words, we instantly think about the struggles of the bra. We all know the feeling. You come home from a long day at the office and what's the first thing you do? Unfasten the bra! It is almost like superwoman taking her cape off for the day—success!

Since the beginning of our puberty, our mothers have cautioned us to put on bras to "keep them from sagging" but since this principle hasn't seemed to work yet, many Millennial women are ditching the pain and living in the pleasure of freedom. Don't believe us? Even those from the Baby Boomer Generation like comedian and talk show host, Whoopi Goldberg, revealed: "I haven't worn a bra in 40 years. I've never been comfortable in them. I could never find one that sat comfortably and it always killed me in the back. So I just stopped wearing them."

We spoke to a few women from all different walks of life about their lifetime bra experience and we found out the scoop of why or why not they will be being going "bra-mando".

Women who say, “Release the TaTas!”


"I haven't worn a bra since 2010 when I misplaced it after a 'rendezvous' with a partner.

I don't miss adjusting straps throughout the day. I don't miss having to free my breasts from a bra after a long day. I enjoy being able to take full, deep breaths.

I go commando and I'm comfortable. I love when I see another woman not wearing a bra (if I can tell). It's so freeing. I'm not held hostage to the belief that my breasts will sag if I don't wear one. I have nipples, sometimes they are visible under my clothes -- no big deal. However, I do wear sports bras during high impact exercise but not when I'm working out at home or doing yoga..."

-Abigail E. Instagram: @nativecreative_photo


"My body literally rejected most bras because I have very sensitive skin. I would have to sit in the fitting room for several minutes before buying a bra to make sure the material wouldn't cause me to break out in hives and itchiness. I just thought it was part of growing up and being a woman.

I moved to the west coast when I was 19 years old, and discovered that women could go braless! Women all over California do it and it's totally accepted. Before this point in my life going braless was such a scandalous thing.

It was a slow transition for me. Initially, I saved being braless for weekends and social events with friends but still wore bras to work. Then, I gave up my padded underwire bras and started wearing simple lacy bras that provided no push-up or extra padding. By the time I was 24, I stopped wearing bras altogether, with the rare exception of having to dress up for a special work event. I've been braless for 2 years now and absolutely love it! It's so freeing knowing that it's my choice and I don't have to wear a constricting, uncomfortable contraption every day just because society teaches us that. My boobs have never been happier!"

-Nikki C. Instagram: @nikki_chi


"Although I live in an Islamic country, I stopped wearing a bra when I was 24 years old because I never felt relaxed. I remember when I started wearing a bra. I was 14 years old playing with my friends and they were shaking everywhere… embarrassing! Now that I am 35 years old, I hate wearing a bra and I am so lucky to have a husband that supports me in ditching my bra anywhere we go."

-Seda S. Instagram: @mynameisseda


"I'm a huge supporter of going bra-less for women who find it comfortable, as both a health professional and a feminist. 

I stopped wearing bras when I moved to New York, over 6 years ago now, at age 19. Honestly, I HATE bras! I'm small breasted, so I have no need for support or wobble control. Since there's no practical need for me to wear a bra, over time I found them to be not only unnecessary but also expensive. If I'm honest with myself, the only reason I wore bras when I was younger was because I could buy the padded ones and make my boobs look bigger -- but I've outgrown my old lack of self-confidence. Now, I love being bra free. I still own one in case I ever feel like wearing something scant to a club or something, but I never use it. My boyfriend also loves my bra-less ways. 

As a health care provider, I've learned from reputable sources such as medical doctors that bras can cause back pain, neck pain, sagging, a lack of muscle development in the area, and even nerve damage! Cage free is for me!"

Caylee C., RDN Instagram: @eatyerveggies

Women who say they’re “Caught up in the Cup”


"I've developed a love-hate relationship with bras over the years. Since I have large boobs, it's a necessity that I wear good, quality bras every day. The strife in that is that they're often expensive, hard to find, and some stores slack on keeping your favorites in stock. I don't order new bras online for fear that they won't fit or feel good against my skin. However, I couldn't imagine my life without wearing bras (in public). Not because I don't want to, but because my boob size doesn't allow room for much else. If my bust were a lot smaller (and perkier) I'd take advantage of leaving the bras at home (or in the store). Unfortunately, I don't see that happening soon."

-Ariel W Instagram: @slayculture


"My mom started implementing the use of girl sports bras around 3rd grade, I believe I started using real bras around the 6th grade. I feel bras are a necessary modern woman undergarment. 

At times, when I'm not feeling the tight bra straps, I ditch the bra to do quick errands, such as running to the grocery store, gas station, bank, etc. I also tend to wear a jacket to hide any nipples, lol!"

-Sasha M. Instagram: @SashaMarina


"Being a 36FF, I have a love-hate relationship with bras. I love cute frilly bras. I love the way I feel in a sexy bra and go the extra mile to find pretty ones. I wear a bra so that my boobs aren't hanging like coconuts from a tree.

On the other hand, I hate having to wear them. I wear a bra because my breasts are big and it can be quite uncomfortable having them hanging. I hate wearing a bra because it's one of the most uncomfortable contraptions ever created. I'm convinced that whoever created the bra was either a jealous woman who was flat-chested or a man who hated women.

When I walk in my house, my bra is second to my shoes coming off. There have been times when I have started taking my bra off before I even entered my home. There has been an occasion or two where my cute, pretty bra irritated me so much that I had to take it off while at work. The rare times when I don't wear one, I feel free. I love my big boobs. I love cute bras. I just sometimes hate wearing them because society dictates that we need them."

-Maliyka M. Twitter: @maliykaishealth

Women who say, “No Nips”


"I would totally offend people if I didn't wear a bra. At a 34H, I simply don't have a choice. I've been wearing bras since I was 10 years old. I started out in this bra game as a 36C so I never wore a training bra in my life!

Wearing the right bra (one that fits just right and is sexy) makes me feel confident.  I know if my boobs are in the right place everything else will be intact. And that's why I'm the ‘Philly Bra Lady'."

-Karima R., The Philly Bra Lady Instagram: @Karima_Renee


"I wear a wire bra when I am going out for a special occasion or want to feel dressed up. I also wear them in professional situations and when I know I want to look ‘my best'.  Otherwise, I have begun wearing more comfortable, thin strap sports bras in my daily life. They are much more comfortable and I am convinced no one can tell the difference, especially at work. Even if they could, I would not care because it is so much more comfortable and worth it when you have to wear it all day."


"I began wearing a bra in the 5th grade so I think I was about 11 or 12 years old. I was one of the early bloomers in class. It was a pretty big deal to get your first bra back then. At first, it was just a training bra but by 8th grade, it was an underwire bra.

Since I am so busty, I actually prefer to wear a bra. I find it's more comfortable and helps to take the strain off my shoulders. I sometimes even wear a bra to bed because I feel it's more comfortable to sleep in. I have used sleeping bras when I was pregnant with my daughter.

I think the key to loving your bra is finding the right fit that feels good to you. I doubt I will ever ditch the bra, partly because I am so used to wearing one all the time now and partly because I find my back, shoulders and breast hurt if I don't have one on. The problems of a busty woman."

-Shanna G.  Twitter: @PeytonMomma


"I started wearing a bra at the age of 12.  At an early age, bras seemed more like sports bra's so it never bothered me.  Now at 36, I have a love-hate relationship with bras.  Some days I hardly notice, other days the discomfort is nagging. Shoulder pinching, under boob poking, strap stretching, sound familiar?   

As much as I would love to ditch my bra, I couldn't imagine my day without the support of one.  My solution: I choose bras with slightly wider straps, and alternate bras with sports bras during the week. Yes, you heard me, I go to work dressed to impress in a power suit, with a sports bra on. 

As a licensed Chiropractor, I believe a proper fitting bra supports good posture, thus eliminating the risk of developing tight chest muscles and an aching mid back.  Proper posture is essential to good health and challenging natural curves of the spine can lead to unwanted aches and pains. The only time I am without a bra is when I am sleeping."

-Dr. Rubina T. Instagram: @dr_rubina


Our personal advice; if you decide to make a move into this brand new level of freedom, be cautious not to have an Elaine Benes moment:

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