Quiz: We Can Tell If You Grew Up Catholic Based On These 12 Questions

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Hallelujah and Amen!

Take this quiz to see if we can figure out if you grew up Catholic! Test to determine if your family was Catholic.

 Aug 05, 2016
1 of 12Pick your answer!
How often did you kick it in church?
Once or more a week
Twice a year or less
A couple of times every few months
2 of 12Pick your answer!
Did your church have stained glass windows?
I don't remember or I didn't go to church
3 of 12Pick your answer!
Do you have a bible in your room right now?
Of course.
I've never owned a bible.
No, but I did growing up.
4 of 12Have you ever walked around looking like this?
What the heck is on her forehead?!
Every year!
No... but I know what it is.
5 of 12Pick your answer!
When was the last time you went to confess your sins?
The last time I went was also the first and only time I went.
I thought that only happened in movies...
6 of 12Pick your answer!
Did your family say a prayer before eating?
EVERY. Meal. Praise the lord.
Before Christmas dinner or other special occasions
Nope. You sat down and dug in!
7 of 12Pick your answer!
Do you eat meat on Fridays during lent?
Only when you remember not to.
Wait, what?
Never! Of course not!
8 of 12Pick your answer!
Do you know what the proper 2016 response is to "May the lord be with you"?
"And with your spirit'
"And also with you"
9 of 12Pick your answer!
Were you ever told to "leave room for Jesus"?
Once, at a weird school dance
Almost every day
LOL no
10 of 12Pick your answer!
How many pictures of Jesus were in your household?
More than one
Only one
11 of 12Pick your answer!
Do you still give things up for lent?
No way! I laugh at all my Catholic friends during lent.
Of course! Every year.
Sometimes I try, but I usually forget...
12 of 12Pick your answer!
Has your mother visited Rome, Italy to go to the Vatican?
Yes, she got a private tour and cried when she saw the pope.
She went and walked around but only to say she did it.
She took a picture with a guard and left.
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