Quiz: Only A True Texan Can Get 100% On This Test


Don't mess with Texas!

Only a true Texan can ace this Texas, Can you pass this test about Texas, Prove you're from Texas, Do you love Texas?

 Jun 17, 2016
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If you’re really from Texas, what’s your favorite burger chain?
Chick Fil' A
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When you are heading out soon, which of the following would a Texan say?
"Good day fine people"
“I’m fixin' to leave soon”
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If you’re really from Texas, than what’s your go to for ice cream?
Haagen Dazs
Olive Garden
Blue Bell
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If you’re a true Texan, what did you eat for breakfast this morning?
A salad
A crepe
A breakfast taco
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Does Texas Chili have beans in it?
Yes and also flowers
We don't eat Chili in Texas
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If you mention your "drawers", what are you talking about?
A poker game
Your closet dresser
Your underwear
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What does a true Texan do with their pickle juice?
Toss it out
Save it for Christmas
Drink it
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If you're craving some "taters", you're hankering for some ________.
ice cubes
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As a true Texan, do you like unsweetened tea?
Only on holidays
Sure do!
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What’s the distance from Austin to Dalls?
A little over 3 hours
It's a half a world away
3,000 miles
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