Quiz: How Well Do You Know Rochester Slang?

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Do you know what a garbage plate is?

Quiz/ test on language from Rochester, New York. Western New York and Upstate New York slang terminology.

 Aug 25, 2016

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If you call someone a "315", what do you mean?
They're from Wayne County, the 315 area code
They are overweight
They are very short

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When might someone shout the word "eggs"?
To say hey to a friend
To dibs not having to do an activity, such as taking out the trash
To make it known that they just passed gas

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What is a "garbage plate"?
A dive bar
A plate meat, sauce, and a side like fries
A license plate from anywhere other than New York

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If your friend says they have to run to "Wegs", where are they going?
A movie theater
Wegmans Grocery Store
The mall

5 of 10Pick your answer!

If someone is making fun of your "bo-bos", they're talking about _______.
Your bra
Your siblings
Your off brand sneakers

6 of 10Pick your answer!

If you're craving a "white hot", what are you hungry for?
A white colored pork hotdog
A s'more covered in marshmallow sauce
Nachos covered in swiss cheese

7 of 10Pick your answer!

Wushi is ____________.
A nickname for women who only eat sushi
Wegmans sushi
A very skinny person

8 of 10Pick your answer!

If you call something "chimpy", what are you saying?
That it is old
That it's cheap
That it is wild

9 of 10Pick your answer!

If you order a "Genny" at a restaurant, you're asking for _________.
french fries
an ice cream cone
a beer

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If your friend says her boyfriend is "tidbits", she means that he's ______.
frugal or cheap
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