Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Remember 90s Disney Movie Plots?

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Test your Disney love!

Test about Disney movies from the 1990s. 90s Disney film plots. Can you answer these Disney questions?

 Aug 07, 2016
1 of 10Who died in the movie "The Lion King"?
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Nala's mother, Rajah
Simba's father, Mufasa
Simba's best friend, Nala
2 of 10How is it discovered by the army that Mulan is a woman?
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She forgets to use her "man" voice after a particularly deadly fight
She is taking a bath in the lake and the men see her
She is injured in the chest and the doctor finds out when he examines her
3 of 10How does Pocahontas convince her tribe to stop fighting with the British?
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By stopping John Smith's execution
By cutting down Grandmother Willow
By learning to speak English
4 of 10Why is the teenage Hercules an outcast?
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He has inhuman strength
He is mean to the other villagers
He is twice as tall as any one else in his village
5 of 10Where does Sid find Woody and Buzz Lightyear in "Toy Story"?
toy story, Disney, movies/tv
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In a crane machine at Pizza Planet
At a nail salon
On the floor at a cupcake shop
6 of 10How does Belle end up at the Beast's castle in "Beauty and the Beast"?
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She offers to takes the place of her father, who is being held captive
She is sent by Gaston
7 of 10What does Tarzan save Jane from when they first meet?
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A shark
Her angry ex-husband
A pack of baboons
8 of 10In "Toy Story 2", who is not part of "Woody's Roundup"?
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Johnny Bravo
9 of 10At the beginning of the movie, who are Quasimodo's only friends?
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A little village boy name Robby
A frog named Toad
Three gargoyles named Victor, Hugo, and Laverne
10 of 10What is Aladdin's first official wish?
Disney, aladdin, movies/tv
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To become a prince
For his favorite carpet to be able to fly
For Jasmine to fall in love with him
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