Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Know West Point Slang?

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How well do you know this slang and language from West Point? Military terms, words, and phrases. United States Army.

 Aug 15, 2016
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If you are an "Army brat", what characteristics do you have?
You were frequently misbehaving during training
You only wear green and camo
You are a son or daughter of a career Army soldier
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If your roommate is talking about going out in "civvies", what are they talking about?
Going out in civilian clothing
A special pair of army boots reserved for special occasions
Going out in only their underwear
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If someone is bragging about "beating the Dean", what do they mean?
That they passed the test to get into West Point
That they passed an academic test
That they beat a world record
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If you say "hooah", what do you mean?
"Shhh" or "Quiet"
"Yes" or "I understand"
You are saying hi to someone of the opposite sex that you find attractive
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What does it mean to be an "area bird"?
That were unpopular in high school
That you are serving a punishment by walking on the GO Army quad
That you are new to the area
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What does "PMI" stand for?
An afternoon inspection - post meridian inspection
Pathetic Median Imbecile
Pausing May Injur
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If you hear a friend shouting about a "cadidiot", what are they referring to?
A cadet who also happens to be an idiot
A type of cake that is very loved at West Point
A diet plan highly encouraged by the highest ranking officials of the Army
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Who is a "squid"?
A type of dance performed at West Point
A midshipman - someone who attends the naval academy
A parent of someone in the Army
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What does "PT" stand for?
Party Time
Physical Training
Please Try
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What does it mean if you receive a "butter bar"?
That you have gained weight
That you have received the recognition of Second Lieutenant
That you get candy because you performed well during training
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