Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Know Upstate New York Slang?

chicken, wings, buffalo wings, eating, food & drinks

Do you know the difference between a Beef on Weck and a Texas Hot?

Quiz/ test about upstate New York slang. Do you know upstate New York language and lingo? New York state.

 Aug 16, 2016
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What do you mean if you call someone a "Mambi-pambi"?
It's a term of endearment for a significant other
They're extremely intelligent
They whine a lot
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"Beef on weck" is __________.
A famous beef sandwich
A type of barbecue sauce only eaten in upstate NY
A nickname for a vegaterian
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If you tell your buddy you're in the mood for some "blue", what do you want?
Blue Bonnet Biscuits
Blue Door Ice Cream
Labatt's Blue beer
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Which of the following would you eat with "Melba Sauce" in upstate New York?
Mozzarella Sticks
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If you make some "chicken riggies" to bring to a potluck, what did you cook?
Chicken rigatoni
Chicken nuggets
Chicken salad
6 of 10Pick your answer!
What is "The Adirondacks"?
A park in upstate New York with mountains, lakes, and rivers
A famous BBQ restaurant in upstate New York
A famous band from New York
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What would you order if you were at Stewart's?
A Caesar salad
Ice cream
Buffalo wings
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"Sponge Candy" is ___________.
a toffee candy with fudge and lots of sugar
a nickname for new students at SUNY
a drink at Bill's, a famous restaurant in Buffalo
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If you're eating a "Texas Hot", what type of food are you chowing down on?
Peppered candy
A hot dog
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If you order a "Saranac", what are you going to be receiving?
A cold craft beer
A waffle
A margarita
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