Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Know Teacher Slang?


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Teaching terms and phrases, teaching slang, teacher lifestyle. Quiz/ test on teacher and professor words.

 Aug 22, 2016
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If you're using "benchmarks" in class, what are you doing?
Looking at performance standards to gauge a student's progress
Putting student who are acting up to the side of the class
Shaming students who perform badly in front of the entire class
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If you regularly practice "probing" in class, what are you doing?
Attempting to get the class to settle down
Using a specific method of teaching mathematics
Using a series of statements or questions to get a student to elaborate
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"Meta-cognition" is ______________.
A student with a bad attitude
The ability to reflect on one's own thinking and learning
a psychology class
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What are "realia"?
Students who are always honest
Three dimensional objects to help teach
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If your students ask for a "rubric", what do they want?
Parent teacher conferences
A test in gym class
A document that demonstrates the various levels of performance possible
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What is "wait time"?
The time it takes before you get your degree
The time between asking a question and soliciting a response
The time a child must wait in their lunch line
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A "bibliography" is ____________.
A method of teaching involving recognition and support
A listing of citations for a piece
A website of communication for teachers
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If you strongly believe in "intrinsic motivation", what do you support?
Motivating students by offering them candy
Motivation that comes from within
Allowing students to get deadlines extended
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An "aptitude test" is ________________.
another name for an essay test
a physical ability test
a standardized test designed to assess a student's potential
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If you work at a "charter school", what type of school are you at?
A school where students teach their teachers
A school that only teaches math
A school operated as a for-profit enterprise
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