Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Know Deep South Slang?

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"Some fool's gone and stole my buggy at the Piggly Wiggly!"

Do you know Southern slang? Are you a Southern Belle? Can you ace this Southern lingo test? Southern speak.

 Aug 26, 2016
1 of 10If your mama says a lady would "drown in a rainstorm", she's saying ______.
that she is very stuck up
that she is lost
that she doesn't know how to swim
2 of 10If you are living in "high cotton" that means you ___________
country, farm, culture
are particularly successful or wealthy
live on a plantation
live in fear of something
3 of 10If you tell someone they'd "call an alligator a lizard", you mean ______.
that they are lying
that they love animals
that they are not very smart
4 of 10When might someone say "the trees are bribing the dogs"?
The Money Pit, movies/tv
When they're in a particularly wooded area
When it's very dry due to lack of rain
To say how cool the breeze is
5 of 10If your mama tells you to "hold your horses", she's saying ________.
horses, animals
that your animals are acting up
that you need to be patient
that you are being too loud
6 of 10When might you say "bless her heart"?
gone with the wind
As a greeting at church
After she sneezes
Before or after criticizing or insulting her
7 of 10When your daddy threatens to "tan your hide", what does he mean?
He's not going to give you a ride
You're going to be sent to bed without dinner
You're about to get a spanking
8 of 10Your friend says "I don't give a hoot and a holler". She's means _______.
the help
Walt Disney Studios
that she is sad
that she wants everyone to be quiet
that she couldn't care less
9 of 10If you say that someone is "egg sucking", what do you mean?
eggs, egg, food & drinks
That they are eating very quickly
You're insulting them
That they are pregnant
10 of 10When your daddy tells you to stop "piddling", he wants you to ______.
gone with the wind, movies/tv
stop talking
stop being so slow
be nice to your siblings
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