Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Know "Bible Belt" Slang?

celebs, pop culture, movies/tv, age of adaline, blake lively

"He could make a bishop mad enough to kick in a stained glass window!"

Quiz/ test about Southern slang, words and phrases commonly used in the Bible Belt. Southern charm. Church.

 Aug 26, 2016
1 of 10If someone tells you "not to get your panties in a wad", they mean _______.
panties, Southern, clothes line
that you don't need to do laundry
that you don't need to get so upset
that you are not moving fast enough
2 of 10If you say "he's lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut" you mean _____.
animals, desert, snake
that he's got bad character
that he's angry
that he's short
3 of 10If your mama says "I been running all over hell's half acre", she's ______.
belle, umbrella, Southern
been very busy today
been at church all day
she is having a fight with your daddy
4 of 10You'd say "he wouldn’t give a nickel to see Jesus ridin’ a bicycle" if ___.
Southern, true blood, anna camp
he is very cheap
he is always running late
he is very rich and greedy
5 of 10Finish this expression: "Those _________ I could see her religion"
celebs, pop culture, movies/tv, sandra bullock
The Blind Side
bibles were so old
pants were so tight
pearls were so big
6 of 10What does "well that just dills my pickle!" mean?
food & drinks, pickles
That infuriates me!
That makes me happy!
That looks great - I'm hungry!
7 of 10Finish this expression: "The porch light's on, but _________"
culture, South, porch, house
it's raining outside
the dog ain't barking
no one's home
8 of 10Who could "make a freight train take a dirt road"?
freight train
A teacher
Someone who is very ugly
A grandma
9 of 10If you say that you're "fat as a tick", what do you mean?
celebrities, the help
That you are starving
That you're on a diet
That you've eaten a lot
10 of 10Finish this expression: "That rain was a real __________"
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