Southern California Dialect - It’s A Thing! How Much Of It Do You Know?

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Wow, you must be soooo So-Cal!

Are you totally a Southern Californian? Prove you know everything about SoCal slang and trivia by acing this fun and quick 18 question quiz!

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Just how much do you really know about the Golden State — especially the Southern part? Are you Californian enough to get a perfect score on this ultimate SoCal challenge? Do you actually know how to speak the Cali lingo? We bet you can ace this quiz if you try hard enough! Are you obsessed with trying all new kinds of Mexican food, acai bowls, sushi, seafood, and other ethnic cuisines? Have you ever found yourself saying something like, "Get back on San Vincente, take it to the 10 then switch it over to the 405 north and let it dump you back on Mulholland where you belong"? Do you prefer to drink green juice and matcha lattes over coffee? Are you a big wine drinker who loves to visit wineries? Do you practice yoga, jog on the beach, or surf for exercise? Are the animal style fries and burgers at In-N-Out one of your main food groups? Do you know where all the good beaches are, from Malibu, Santa Monica, and Venice to Newport, Laguna, and La Jolla? Do you love to soak up the sunshine and work on your tan? Do you dread having to drive on the busy 405 freeway or PCH? Do you regularly run into celebrities on the street? If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then we think you have what it takes to make it to the end of this quiz. Then what are you waiting for? Hit the play button now and prove you're a total Southern Californian through and through! Good luck!

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