Quiz: How Many Runner's Words Do You Actually Know?

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Can you ace this race?

Quiz/ test about runners words, jogging terms, and marathon and race lingo. Do you know these words all runners should know?

 Aug 29, 2016
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If you're doing a "fartlek", what exactly are you doing?
Running with a partner that pushes you to go faster
Doing speedwork, with bursts of speed and slower paces
Running backwards
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If your workout includes "ladders", what are you doing?
Doing some of your training on a stair master
An interval workout of increasing lengths, such as 200-400-600-800
Running with someone who takes longer strides than you
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Aerobic is __________.
a type of pilates
a popular running shoe brand
using oxygen to generate energy
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What does "resting heart rate" refer to?
Your heart rate when you first wake up, when you're at rest
Your heart rate when you haven't worked out due to an injury
Your heart rate right after you stop running
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What do "PR" and "PB" stand for?
Private Run, Private Break
Prior Resistance, Post Break
Personal Record, Personal Best
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If it says that someone "DNF", what does it mean?
They didn't finish the race
That they are being professional trained
They are dealing with an injury
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If you're complaining about having a "stitch", what's wrong?
You have a side cramp
Your shoes are falling apart
You have a headache
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If your friend is talking about a "bandit", they mean ________.
someone who runs at night
someone who runs a race but didn't register for it
someone who hates running
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What is a "tempo run"?
A run that lasts less than 30 minutes
An interval run where the pace changes every 30 seconds
A run at around your 10-15K race pace
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What does "doubles" refer to?
Doing two runs in the same day
Running with a partner at similar speeds
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