Quiz: How Many Omaha Words Do You Actually Know?

corn, corn on the cob, food & drinks

Do you know slang from the "O!"?

Omaha, Nebraska slang quiz. Test on language from the big O. NE terms, words and phrases. Locals speak.

 Aug 27, 2016
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Which of the following is NOT a nickname for Omaha?
The Maha
The Big O
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If you say that someone is a "bugeater", you're saying ________.
that they are ornery
that they're from Nebraska
that they farm for a living
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If you're going to "The Mall" with a friend, where are you headed?
An underground club
A Huskers football game
An outdoor park in downtown Omaha
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If your dad references the "Oracle of Omaha", he's talking about _______.
Johnny Rogers
Eric Crouch
Warren Buffet
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If you're craving a "runza", what are you hungry for?
A specialty apple pie from Nebraska
Corn on the cob covered in mayonnaise
A bread pocket with a meat filling
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If you get a summer job "detasseling", you're ________.
cleaning the streets at night
shucking corn (taking the top off of it)
decorating trees to prepare for Christmas
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What is the "finger wave"?
What you do when you make a mistake
How you ask for food
How you wave to someone when you are driving
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What is "Der Viener Schlinger"?
A large crowd
A hot dog canon
A neighborhood in Omaha
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If someone stole your "buggy" at Hy-Vee, what happened?
You were at a bar and someone stole the hottie you were checking out
Someone stole your purse at the mall
Someone stole your shopping cart at the grocery store
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What do Nebraskan's call a carbonated beverage?
Bubble drink
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