Quiz: How Many Folk Religion Words Do You Know?

folk religion, voodoo
Aloha Lavina 2011

How's your aurora today?

Do you know Folk Religion words? Hoodoo, Voodoo, Paganism, and other traditional spiritual religious words.

 Aug 12, 2016
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If someone is talking about your "aura", what are they talking about?
Your hair
Your soulmate
The spirit and energy surrounding you
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"Hoodoo" is ________.
A religion brought to America from the slaves of West Africa
The name of a mother of a child in folk religion
A blend of herbs and spices
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What is the "evil eye"?
The leader of folk religion
The equivalent to the bible
A curse of misfortune or injury
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What is "sympathetic” magic?
Magic performed in kindness
The belief that like forces influence like forces
The name of a religion in Africa
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What does "Padrino" mean?
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If you attend a "pow-wow", what are you at?
A religious event similar to a Christian baptism
A burial of an esteemed leader
A North American celebration with feasting, dancing, and singing
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"Elekes" are _______.
Children of God
A special beaded necklace in the Santeria rituals
The people who do not believe in folk religion
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"Chakras" are ________.
Juices people drink that they believe will make them immortal
Psychic centers of power associated with different parts of the human body
People who are ill
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What are "gris-gris"?
Cantaloupe often eaten in celerbation
Coffee beans crushed to make face paint
Charms used in Voodoo rituals
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"Animism" is ________.
A brand of beads used in many rituals
The belief that everything is alive
A religion in Kuwait
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