Quiz: Can You Answer These 16 Legal Questions Every American Should Know?


Are you a law expert?

Test your knowledge of the law with questions about driving, voter I.D., racial profiling laws and workplace laws.

 Jan 18, 2018

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What is "due process?"
The right to a fair and impartial trial
A guilty criminal defendant
Property that's used as security for debt payment

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How many jurors make up a standard jury?

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You have the right to photograph anything in public sight.

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A warrant is issued by the ____.

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When you are acquitted you ___.
Are found not guilty
Swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth
Are arrested

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What are Miranda rights?
Your right to confess
Your right to remain silent
Your right to avoid being arrested

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A/an _____ is a command for a witness to appear in court and give testimony.

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In all 50 states, driving with higher than ____ BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) will result in a DUI.

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How many citizens make up a jury?

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What do the letters DA stand for?
Deputy Attorney
Duty Appraisal
District Attorney

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If you are arrested, and you cannot afford to hire a lawyer, the state will ____.
Assign one to you
Give you a job so you can hire your own lawyer
Automatically put you in jail

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In the United States the 'supreme law of the land' is:
The Bill of Rights
Law enforcement
The Constitution

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What type of evidence benefits the defendant?

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An _____ is a written or printed statement made under oath.

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A capital offense is not punishable by death.

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The second amendment of the Constitution is the right ______.
to bear Arms
of freedom of speech
to a speedy and public trial
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