Quiz: A Tech Genius Will Pass This Silicon Valley Word Test. Can You?

Could you handle the world of startups?

 Jan 11, 2017
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Question: 1/10What is "VC Money"?

Silicon Valley
Very Cold Money
Startup capital from private investors or financial institutions
Imaginary money

Question: 2/10What does "sticky" refer to?

Silicon Valley
User retention rate - number of users coming back into a product
A special type of gum chewed at startups
Afternoon snack break

Question: 3/10What is "soylent"?

Silicon Valley
A diet that involves only eating soy burgers
An alcoholic beverage
A meal replacement that makes eating more efficient

Question: 4/10What is an "apportunity"?

Silicon Valley
When an app has the ability to improve or perform a desired action
An appetizer table at a party
An over eager new employee

Question: 5/10What is "logo wingman"?

Silicon Valley
When you hook up with a girl at a Start-up only event
Wearing a startup brand logo as a conversation starter
The marketing department of a startup

Question: 6/10What does "churn rate" refer to?

Silicon Valley
The percentage of people that stop using a startup's product
The speed of internet connectivity
The amount of people who quit a week

Question: 7/10What does "Three Commas Club" refer to?

Silicon Valley
A billion dollars (1,000,000,000)
A company with three main CEOs
The three stages of starting a business

Question: 8/10What does "bootstrap" mean?

Silicon Valley
Funding a company through your own money
To hate your job, but work anyway
To wear comfortable shoes knowing you'll be walking a lot

Question: 9/10What is "stealth mode"?

Silicon Valley
A startup that has three or less employees
The term for spies who infiltrate companies
When you're secretive in the beginning stages of your business

Question: 10/10What is a "decacorn"?

Silicon Valley
A term for the accounting department of a startup
A startup valued at $10 billion or more
A fad diet consisting of coffee and carrots
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